Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

 I am going to try out a new review format, one that I've seen on other blogs that seem to work. Let me know what you think.

Unearthly by Cynthia is a great book for fans of the Fallen or Halo Series.

From Booklist

As if adolescence isn’t enough, California girl Clara has recently begun to come into her powers as a Quartarius, a quarter-angel. Her half-angel single mother lends support, helping to puzzle through visions that reveal tantalizing portions of Clara’s “purpose.” The visions’ clues—a forest fire, license plate, and boy in a black fleece jacket—lead the family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There, on Clara’s first day of school, she meets her destiny: A-list football player Christian, the boy of the vision. She also makes friends with two very different girls: easygoing, horse-crazy Wendy, and intense loner Angela. It’s Wendy’s twin brother, Tucker, though, who begins to drive the plot, unwittingly seeming to change Clara’s purpose. If some of this series starter seems overly familiar—the rural setting, the two love interests, the dark powers at work—the details about angels make up for it. The dynamics of flying, the intense shining of “glory,” and an unplanned trip to hell are all creatively addressed. Grades 7-10. --Karen Cruze 

Praise:  Unearthly is very well written, the charter, Clara is very understandable for young girls. The plot is followable and a good summer read.

Critique: The book only really had one plot, there were no major barriers or extra problems added for the character to overcome before the main goal.

Story: 61/100
Comment: Well written, cold be more gripping.
Speed: 73/100
Comment: Fast paced
Originality: 49/100 
Comment: Similar to other stories I have read.    

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