Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lauren Oliver Author Event Pictures

Monday October 10th I was very lucky to get a chance to meet Lauren Oliver at an author event and a near by Indie Book store. She was very nice and fun and she's cool to meet.
At the event she introduced her book Lisle and Po and explained the process of the creation of all of the wonderful pictures in the book. She also introduced her other two published books (Before I Fall and Delirium) and then gave us a short passage from Pandemonium (It was completely and totally awesome, I promise) and then finally she signed my copies of Before I fall and Delirium (Pics of my books will be posted in my IMM post on Sunday)

Here's some of the pictures taken at the event! 

Lauren Oliver Speaking to the Group

Lauren Oliver with Delirium

Me getting my Books signed!

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