Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday 1/7/12

This weeks Topic is: Top Ten Books You'd Hand To Someone Who Says They Don't Like To Read

Willow is an all around powerful and thought provoking novel about a girl who is a cutter after a horrible accident that killed both her parents, and then boy who finds out her secret. I really think anyone could get into it from the first few pages.
Almost anyone and their mother have read this book, for good reason. Anyone, even nonreaders should at least give this book a chance and hey, the movie is coming out soon.
This book is just a very interesting paranormal mystery with a  very engaging setting. It drew me in even before I was a real big reader.
Another powerful story about a girl who is given another, and then seven more chances at the last day of her life to try and make it all better.
This is just a fun and cute little story about a girl who hears ghosts, another one that I read before becoming a reading fanatic.
This is another well written paranormal mystery that can appeal to many crowds.
Let me just say: One of the BEST DYSTOPIANS EVER.
Stephanie Perkins is my very favorite contemporary writer. Anyone who wants a cute romance really needs to give this book a chance.
This is another: ONE OF THE BEST DYSTOPIANS EVER. Really, dystopians are really, really good.
 The Iron Knight is my favorite Fantasy read because anyone who likes cute/hot boys with magic powers and disappearing cats can really enjoy this story.


  1. Yes, Hunger Games! Fabulous story, isn't it?

  2. Really, non-readers should simply just be readers and that's that :P