Monday, April 9, 2012

Helpful Websites for Readers and Book Bloggers

When a reader or a book blogger starts getting really involved in the online reading and blogging world things can get really confusing, and really crazy really fast. Being prepared for any crazy reading and blogging situations is key to having a good take off in your reading or blogging experience, and some websites can help make that happen, so I've compiled a list of websites I use in my reading and blogging that you might find helpful.

Both Bloggers and Readers

Twitter- Assuming you  have already created your blog as a blogger or have begun an interest in the online  blogging world you might want an easy way to connect with other bloggers, publishers, reviewers, readers, etc. A great way to connect with others of the same interest is through twitter. Twitter is a great resource for both bloggers and readers where they can get updates and advice from one another as well as the ability to make online friends of the same interests.

Goodreads- Goodreads is a good resource to gather a list of books you want to read and have read, as well as a way to post reviews and get information about nearly any book you are interested in. Goodreads is probably the most useful resource of all of these because it has so much information that can be useful to a reader or book blogger.

Youtube- Youtube is a great resource for both readers and bloggers, but in very different ways. For bloggers it is a great resource if you want to make videos or video blogs as a way to share information. For readers it is a great resource to watch vlogs and videos by bloggers, authors, publishers, and other reading related groups.


Formspring- Formspring is an easy way for people to ask questions about your interests in order to create a greater sense of community between you and your readers.

Klout- Klout is a resource that measures your level of influence online. Klout is a resource that should not be used as a way to rate your blog, but as a way to understand what you influence in people.

What are some websites your as a blogger or reader use?

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