Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday 5/1/12

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This Weeks Topic
Top Ten Books You'd Like To See Made Into A Movie 
In no particular order:
The Fault in Our Stars in one of my favorite contemporaries and I would love to see what would be done with it.
 I love Stephanie Perkins and I would love to see a romantic movie set in France.

 I absolutly love Lola and Cricket, what can I say?

A breathtaking Dystopian that is movie worthy!
An amazing paranormal that would be a very interesting movie.
I think a lot could be done with this on the big screen and I would love to see if movie makers would be able to pull it together.
 Such a heart wrenching book it would be a beautiful movie.
 This would be a very interesting movie since it was such an amazing book.
Well. What can I say. Movie please?
Again, an amazing dystopian.


  1. Anna and Diverent would both make fun, although totally different, movies! I would be interested to see who they cast as Anna or Tris though. I feel they would have to be unknowns to get it right. :)

  2. These would all make amazing movies! Divergent would be so cool, and I can totally see it becoming the next insanely popular Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games fandom thing. :D And I would LOVE to see Anna and Lola on the big screen. As much as I love THG and everything, we could really use some light and fun contemporary adaptations. :)