Friday, September 21, 2012

Short Note

Hello everyone just thought I'd drop in to let you know, It's fall again and for a lot of us bloggers that means an extreme loss of free time because everything starts happening at once and reading and blogging time magically disappears. Don't worry, I'm going to still be around but you might notice a that I won't  be able to post just as much as I would like to. I should be posting at the very least, twice a week if not a little bit more, and hopefully once I get used to me crazy schedule I might be getting more blogging and reading done in the next couple of months.



  1. I've noticed that Fall causes bloggers to either cut back or expand their blogging time. Maybe it's school or the cold weather or just serendipity... I find that I get more reading done, so more reviews written, as I stay indoors more. Good luck with your new schedule!

  2. I totally understand Erika! I'm going through the same thing right now, trying to juggle school and blogging. School is already super intense, and it's stressing me out! So therefore, my blogging time has been cut back, unfortunately. I hope to find a better balance between the two soon! <3

    Good luck with school Erika, and I look forward to reading your awesome reviews. =)