Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: Speed of Light

Speed of Light by Amber Kizer 

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Published: November 13 2012
Pages: 544
Source: Library
Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Fans will be thrilled with the final novel in the Meridian trilogy as the romance between Meridian and Tens heats up. And Juliet returns, but her obsessions leave her open to evil exploitation.

Meridian Sozu is a Fenestra, an angel infused human, destined to transition souls into the next world. Together with Tens Valdes, her soulmate and Protector, they've made a home in Indiana, making sure the dead safely enter the light and aren't stolen by the Dark, known as the Nocti.

Upon rescuing Juliet Ambrose from her terrible childhood, Juliet has become vulnerable without her Protector and grasps at any hope to find her parents, even when it's offered by a proven Nocti, Ms. Asura. Juliet is now faced with the horrible choice between uncovering her past and having a future.

Meanwhile, time may be running out for the hundreds of thousands preparing for the festivities surrounding the Indianapolis 500 car race. As centuries of secrets are revealed, the battles will pit Light versus Dark. Not all with survive as Meridian, Tens, and Julie join forces to try to thwart a potential tragedy.

I really wish more people knew about these books because I think it is one of the most addicting series I have ever read. I read the first book, Meridian, about a year before I started blogging, and I've loved every book in the series since. I was very excited when I got my hands on Speed of Light. This series is really hard to explain, so if you haven't heard of it before, check out the goodreads page for the first book here.

What I liked the most about this book was Juliet's progression and how much she grew from the beginning to the end. After the experiences she had been put through she was extremely isolated from everyone and quite a depressed character, so I was very excited when Fara appeared in the story and helped her a little bit. I really wish that they would have gained a more solid relationship though, I'm really not sure what Fara and Juliet are, and I want to learn more.

I was really eager to see the relationship between Meridian and Tens grow in this books, since it seemed to be somewhat stalled since it had begun. Though it took quite a while, it did grow like I had hoped, though the ending was a little... too much info for me I guess.

There are a lot of crazy things going on with the Nocti in Speed of Light... and it all seems REALLY convenient if you ask me.  The fact that they were already in the location that was about to be attacked was really unrealistic and I really wasn't very impressed with that little piece at all. I also thought it was just a little too convenient that another Fensetra suddenly shows up at the end, I don't want to spoil it too much but it was really just way too much to be a coincidence.

Like always, I love how interesting and captivating the story is. The way that the Fenestra stuff is done is so amazing, I love it!
Here's a quote that's very funny when it is taken out of context that I posted on twitter earlier.
"The pink cloud of bunny material swallowed the racing car from our view."

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  1. Haha! I love that quote. I received an ARC of this quite a few months back and haven't really taken a good look at it since I didn't know anything about it. I'm glad to know it's in a series so I can start from the beginning. Hopefully I can get to it one day!