Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Hallowed

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Publisher: HarperTeen
Published: January 17th 2012
Pages: 403
Source: Library
Genre: Paranormal, Romance

For months Clara Gardner trained to face the fire from her visions, but she wasn't prepared for the choice she had to make that day. And in the aftermath, she discovered that nothing about being part angel is as straightforward as she thought.

Now, torn between her love for Tucker and her complicated feelings about the roles she and Christian seem destined to play in a world that is both dangerous and beautiful, Clara struggles with a shocking revelation: Someone she loves will die in a matter of months. With her future uncertain, the only thing Clara knows for sure is that the fire was just the beginning.

I read the first book so long ago, even after reading this book I don't remember everything that happened in Unearthly, but after reading Hallowed I am reminded why this series is so good. The last book in this series, Boundless, has recently come out and now I want it. SO BAD. But I'm going to have to wait (you should see my TBR pile guys, it's getting a little scary.)

Unearthly and Hallowed are about a angel-blood named Clara who has 1/4 angel blood. In Unearthly she is compelled to a new town to save a boy from a fire, in the process falling in love with a human and creating a very interesting story about love and fate.

Like in the last book the characters were wonderful. I loved Clara, and everyone else. A few new characters are introduced, and they seem to fit in just perfectly into the story without (much) strangeness, which I loved.

The story is wonderful, though it wasn't exactly as eventful as Unearthly. This book was much more emotion focused than action. Hallowed is more about Clara trying decide where she wants to go in her life and discovering the options she has, which isn't quite as exciting, but fits perfectly.

In Hallowed quite a few secrets are unveiled and some of them really, really surprised me, and made Hallowed much more interesting. I love it when books are unpredictable and just suddenly BAM it changes course, and this Hallowed totally did that.

At then end of Unearthly I was totally team Tucker, and that continued for about half the book while reading Hallowed. But at a certain point I just DIDN'T KNOW ANYMORE and I still don't. I really hate to be team switcher, but I might be getting there. I'm going to have to read Boundless to know for sure.

Overall I loved this book, and I can't wait to finish this series!


  1. I was totally Team Tucker after Unearthly, and I still like him after Hallowed, but I just wasn't feeling Clara + Tucker. It felt like most of their spark was gone. The cute, witty banter was gone and while lovey dovey is cute, that's not what their relationship was all about for me.

    I don't really care for Christian either, though...can Clara just meet a cute guy in college? :P

  2. I adore this series. I usually really dislike books that are related to angels in any way, but this series is the one exception! And okay, I'll admit it. I was Team Tucker during/after Unearthly...but Hallowed made me switch to Team Christian. I will forever remain Team Christian. And I've read Boundless, so I can't wait for you to get to it. :D