Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tips for New Book Bloggers

Though I'm defiantly not the most experienced blogger in the world I think I can say that I am not a new blogger any longer even though I'm still figuring out some of the book blogging ropes. Though if you are a new or inexperienced book blogger or you are thinking about becoming one I have some tips to make your experience successful. Tips are in no particular order.

  1. Don't think your going to be getting tons of books right away. I've been blogging for six months. Until this past week I haven't even tried to request books from publishers. If you don't have a secret stash of money start with books from libraries and enter other bloggers giveaways for some good free books. Even if you only enter a few every once and a while you are going to win something eventually if you keep trying. 
  2. Don't email an author expecting to get an ARC or review copy. They get very few to no review copies and in most cases will not send them to bloggers.
  3. Really think about the design of your blog. If you don't like it, change it. You arn't just trying to impress your readers, you want to fell good about the way it looks as well.
  4. Don't make your blog to busy. You do want your blog to be the way you want it to be, but you don't want colors or pattens to clash and you don't want your side bars to be to jam packed. 
  5. Sign up for the Big Sib/Little Sib Program. Several blogger have put together a program to pair newer and older book bloggers to help out the newer bloggers. I have a big sib and they do help quite a lot. 
  6. Don't ask other bloggers to give you their books. Just don't. They don't like it. 
  7. You don't have to follow everyone who follows you and don't expect that someone you follow will follow you. You want people to follow you because they like your blog. Not just because you follow them. 
  8. Get a Twitter or Facebook page for your blog. I started twitter recently and its a very good way to connect with other bloggers and get advice if you need it. 
Does that help any? I hope this can help you with your blog or future blog!

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